Some of Cardi B's time during the coronavirus quarantine hasn't been ideal.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper revealed to her fans via Twitter on Wednesday night (April 1) that she was hospitalized due to intense stomach pains amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to TMZ, Cardi said in a since-deleted tweet that she had been experiencing discomfort for a few days and decided to go to the emergency room.

"Honestly cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for 4 days I went to the ER last night and I'm feeling way better Hopefully tomorrow I will feel nomore pain," the Bronx rapper wrote in the tweet.

In addition to sharing with fans that she has been dealing with stomach issues, the rapper also posted an image with a hospital bracelet around her wrist. The photo showed her age, "27yrs," and the date she was admitted, "3/31/2020."

TMZ notes that the hospital visit isn't a sign that she's contracted the coronavirus.

This news comes a week after the "Press" rapper accused President Donald Trump of mishandling the coronavirus pandemic. In a video uploaded to Instagram on March 24, Cardi unleashed her criticism of the Commander-in-Chief.

"[President Trump] is getting on a podium saying, 'Hey, listen: if you do not have any symptoms of the coronavirus — coughing, fever and whatsoever, etc. etc. — do not get tested because we don't have enough testings to test everybody," the rapper said.

Cardi went on to address the severity of the coronavirus, and how celebrities are being prioritized as it pertains to getting tested for the virus.

"The general public, people that work regular jobs, the middle class, people that get regular paychecks, the poor or whatever the crap, they're not getting treated like the high — the ones that are up here, the celebrities and everything," Cardi said. "They're not getting their fucking coronavirus results the next day. The coronavirus is very much real."

Cardi's point is one experts around the world agree with. According to the Washington Post, the global total for coronavirus cases is nearing 1 million.

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