A few weeks ago, while driving into the radio station on Friday morning April 2nd, at approximately 4:55 AM, I saw something in the sky over the Schenectady County Pine Bush. There were two bright lights, one in the upper east and and another upper west quadrant of the trapezoid-shaped object.  As I turned the corner onto Kings Road, I continued to look up in the sky hoping for a good enough view to snap a picture.  And just like that *poof* it was gone.  Haters (like my co-host Chrissy) will say I was imagining things, but I know what I saw.

It's been reported that the Pentagon is set to unleash a barrage of new UFO information from credible eyewitnesses sometime in June.  Do aliens exist?  Are otherworldly lifeforms visiting us on the regular?  Things that were once considered taboo or just plain silly are now being explored and discussed seriously.  It's a fascinating time to be alive and it's about to get richer with the knowledge that highly intelligent, high ranking military officials have reports and documentation that UFO's are real and they are here.

One of the websites I check on the regular is the National UFO Reporting Center, or NUFORC.   They claim to be "the web's most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source. Provided by America's foremost UFO Reporting Agency
In continuous operation since 1974."

The UFO sightings in this post were gathered from NUFORC and they're the most interesting and detailed accounts submitted by people either directly from the Capital Region or in upstate New York since January 1, 2021.

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UFO Sightings in Upstate in 2021

Recent UFO's sightings in the Capital Region and Upstate New York

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