I have seen some ridiculous takes in my day and this one may be the most ridiculous of all.

Let's be honest, any city or town has its flaws and scars and areas that may not be the most desirable. And unfortunately, when most outsiders assess the livability of a city they tend to focus on those flaws. Folks tend to focus on the negative. That is definitely the case when it comes to Travel Alot and their assessment of the Ugliest City In New York. Their conclusion for New York is flat-out ridiculous, and they obviously have no clue what they are talking about. I can think of a whole bunch of NY cities more deserving of this "honor."

Which Capital Region City Was Name NY's Ugliest?

First, naming Albany NY's ugliest got me fired up just based on the fact the statement is simply false. There is a lot of beauty in the city and its architecture in plain sight for all to see.

Then Travel Alot called Albany a place "...not somewhere you'd want to visit for fun" using the following quote from Reddit to back up the claim:

"Albany, New York, just feels like a really big Greyhound bus station to me. In the summer it's kinda gross, but in the winter it's a muddy, gray sh*tpile. Whenever I've found myself there, I've felt like I needed to escape it — probably in an old-school bus with razor wire strung around it and sharpened broomstick handles protruding from the windows." 

Any time you need to go to social media to back up a claim, you lose me. Simply put, they simply have no real-world experience or data outside of an unhappy Reddit user to tell the story. So let's flip the script for anyone who thinks Albany is ugly, and give them 10 reasons why this claim is ridiculous!

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