Busta Rhymes appears in a Toyota commercial for its Sienna minivan and it's rather awkward and weird at the same time.

The ad called 'Swagger Wagon' features the Neubert Family, a white suburban family who love their minivan so much they rap about it and do the Superman dance.

The commercial is mildly entertaining, but its mocking of hip-hop culture and dated slang terms ("swagger" is so 2007) is quite troublesome. Not to mentioned the fake trap beat production is very disappointing. Rumor has it, Lex Luger produced the beat, which is startling, if it's true.

Then Busta Rhymes makes a cameo midway through and spits a flurry of rhymes while the teen daughter and son are horribly pop-locking behind him.

So yes, the commercial is all types of f---ery.

Of course, Black Twitter had a lot to say about the ad. Some folks are slamming the commercial for its use of black stereotypes, while others are calling Bussa-Buss a sell out.

Let's be clear -- hip-hop still sells. And while Rhymes had no control over the direction of the ad, he would be a fool to not take advantage of the opportunity and feed his family. If he didn't do it, some other rapper would have done it. Respect the hustle.

As for the commercial, the marketing team at Toyota needs to be fired for employing awful stereotypes, dated slanguage and terrible production values to sell their products.

Check out what Black Twitter had to say about the Toyota commercial below.