On Tuesday (April 23), Bun B defended his wife, Queenie Freeman, and their Texas home by shooting an armed robber. Now, the rapper's lawyer, Charles Adams, is saying he doesn't expect the UGK rapper to be charged for the matter.

"No charges have been leveled [against Bun B] and I don't expect any," Bun's lawyer told XXL Wednesday (April 24). "I talked to the Houston Police Department last night they were treating him like a victim because he's a victim."

Adams, who said the gun Bun B used in the shooting is registered, believes the U.S. Second Amendment should protect the rapper from facing legal issues regarding this matter.

"In Texas, you can defend your home," Adams added. "And if an armed home invader breaks into your home and puts a gun at your wife's head, you can shoot the guy if he's still in your home. Honestly, this might sound cheesy, thank God that Bun had a gun. Thank God that he was courageous enough to defend his home and his wife [Queenie]. And thank God Queenie was courageous enough to not let the man go upstairs."

The attempted burglary happened after Bun B's wife received a knock on the door of their Houston home on Tuesday evening. Once she opened the door, a masked gunman appeared and immediately demanded valuables. After she directed the robber to her Audi in the garage, police say Bun, who had heard the interaction transpire from upstairs, grabbed his gun and ran to confront the intruder, whom police identified as 20-year-old Demonte Jackson. From there, a gunfight started in his garage and the intruder sustained a shoulder injury after being shot.

Jackson managed to escape and take himself to a local hospital. Once he sought treatment for his gunshot wounds, Jackson was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of burglary.

According to Adams, the Houston rapper, who dropped his Return of the Trill album last year, wasn't specifically targeted in the attempted robbery. "This wasn't a targeted attack, it was just that [Jackson] happened to break into Houston's most famous hip-hop artist," Adams offered.

See lawyer Charles Adams' Instagram post recounting the attempted robbery of Bun B for yourself below.

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