Time to OD on cuteness with 'Puppy Love,' which is the 2014 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. It celebrates the adorable friendship between a puppy and the beer's signature Clydesdale horses. A gentle, acoustic song about loving and letting go backs the action. What is it?

It's 'Let Her Go' by Passenger, a heartfelt song that was a hit last year. Passenger is the stage name of British neo folk singer Michael David Rosenberg. The song conveys the ache that stings the heart when loving someone and letting them go to see if they come back. Learn more about the song via our analysis of it, which is here. The song lives on his album 'All the Little Lights.'

Letting go is hard. But if the one you love comes back, then you belong together. In this sweet spot, the little pup returns to the horses.

We're not sure what the unlikely (and super cute) friendship between a puppy and a horse has to do with beer, but… we'll take it. The commercial made us go "Aww" like 500 times in a minute. It reminds us that unexpected friendships bring us much joy.