Bruno Mars, our favorite doo-wop hooligan, has been busy working on new material. He broke away from working long enough to share the title of his upcoming first single and it's called…

…'Locked Out of Heaven.'

He will premiere the song on Monday, Oct. 1 at 7PM ET via a live chat and Google + hangout session. So mark your calendars, Bruno Mars fans, since new music is on the way imminently.

The crooner also released a 30-second promo video below, hyping the single premiere and capturing candid footage of him in the studio, doing his thang! Doesn't he look like a blast to work with and hang out with?

Now about 'Locked Out of Heaven.' That's quite a title there, and it doesn't tell us anything about the tempo, tone or timbre of the song, but we're sure excited for it. Will it be a ballad? Will it be Mars' signature, modernized taken on the doo-wop vocal style? Will it be lazy, R&B-flavored pop? There are so many possibilities, given Mars past sonic offerings and his amazing falsetto voice. He's like this era's Michael Jackson.

And now we're musing about the subject matter. Is he in hell? Purgatory? Why can't he get in heaven? See, you got us thinking, Bruno Mars, all with a simple title share.

Below is Mars' tweet sharing the good news. Tell us, PopCrushers. What do you think of the title 'Locked Out of Heaven?'


Watch Bruno Mars Single Premiere + Live Chat Teaser Video