James Harden travelled to France for the week to attend Fashion Week. Unfortunately, it looks like he may have been fashionably late.

According to reports, including this one from CBS Sports, Harden was detained by French police after intervening in an incident involving rapper, Lil Baby. As described by the reports, a car was pulled over due to police officers smelling marijuana, which is illegal in France. Harden was not in the car, but came to the aid of Lil Baby and the other passengers, leading to Harden himself being detained for a brief amount of time.

He was allowed to walk free, but Lil Baby was not so lucky, and found himself in police custody.

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Thanks to Twitter user @HLHoops247 (and a hat tip to CBS Sports), video of the incident can be found on Twitter here:

According to this funny tweet, however, Harden did eventually make his way to Fashion Week:

It's been a bizarre stretch for James Harden, and this incident just adds to the tumult. Harden was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets after nine seasons with the former, joining two superstars to form a dangerous trio with the latter. He dealt with multiple injuries this season, including a hamstring issue in the playoffs that caused him to miss time in the playoffs, and ultimately decide not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

After a crazy week in France, here's hoping the rest of Harden's offseason can be a bit more peaceful.

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