Britney Spears has been christened the new queen of Las Vegas with her residency generating plenty of press, rave reviews and lots of ticket sales. The singer is celebrating her new life in her second home of Sin City with the cover of the Winter 2014 issue of Vegas magazine.

She donned a flashy black ensemble for the cover, and while we can't see her eyes, since she is not looking ahead. She is in mid-movement and her peepers are semi-obscured by her swirling hair, but she's still unbelievably sexy. That's pretty much par for the course with Brit Brit.

On the cover, Brit Brit looks like she has wings, with her flashy, fringe-like wings. Her waist looks super tiny in the black, dominatrix-like ensemble. But as to be expected, she is hotter than freshly flowing lava.

Brit captioned the shot: "Winter 2014 cover! Headed back to my second home this week - YAY! :)."

The pop diva seems rejuvenated by her Vegas residency and it's appears as though the routine and schedule provides a stable existence for her.