Brandy is still suing her record label, Chameleon Entertainment. It has been reported that she's taking Chameleon to court, seeking damages up to a reported $1 million dollars. The sum serves to cover compensatory damages; she was supposed to be guaranteed a five album deal, but thus far the label has only released 2012s Two Eleven and nothing else.

Entertainment Weekly reported back in March that Brandy had filed suit against Chameleon Entertainment and its president, Breyon Prescott. According to the suit, Chameleon froze her contract back in April 2014 after claiming that she "failed to cooperate."

The 37-year-old filed documents with an LA Superior Court back in March alleging her label “will not pay for her to record new albums or allow her to otherwise release music to her fans” in “a blatantly unlawful attempt to bully Norwood into signing a new recording and distribution agreement containing terms far worse than her current agreement."

Prescott issued a statement to theJasmineBRAND back in April:

“Breyon Prescott is deeply disappointed that rather than discussing her concerns with her present contractual status in a productive way, Brandy has taken unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant by filing false outrageous claims and speaking on social media. His recent work with her was the product of his strong belief that her career deserves to and can be revitalized. He tried to create a conduit for her to find an effective outlet for her music by presenting her a new deal to secure distribution. At no point has this process generated meaningful revenue for Mr. Prescott. As one of Brandy’s most consistent supporters, his professional connection to her precedes her recent negotiations with Sony. Breyon wishes nothing but the best for Brandy and believes she deserves a prosperous career.”


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