Singer Brandy calls off engagement to Ryan press! Oh no! We were hoping for a happy ending fairy tale for the "Moesha" star! What happened with her & her "Baby Baby Baby"?!

After getting engaged to music executive turned manager Ryan Press in December, 2012 in Hawaii we were so happy for the 35 year old Brandy! What went wrong?

Well, it appears the culprit may have been them moving in together! You know what they say, you never know your mate until you live with them! Maybe he was a slob, or slurped his coffee wrong in the morning! Shoot, that will get on my nerves that's fo' sure!!

Brandy has been spotted without the bling bling on her ring finger & as for Ryan, he may've been spotted out on the town on a date! Oh hell to the no! That's just too soon Ryan! Who knows maybe it was all his fault and he wasn't "Puttin it Down" lol!

We wish Moesha, I mean Brandy good luck in love!