In a recent interview, Boosie BadAzz said that Jay-Z isn't musically relevant to the younger generation.

On Wednesday (Nov. 30), DJ Vlad posted a video of an interview he did with Boosie Badazz where they discussed Jay-Z and Nas' relevancy in hip-hop. In the clip, Vlad said that it's difficult for a rapper in their 50s to stay on top of the rap game, except for Jay-Z who is 52 years old. However, Boosie feels that Jay isn't musically relevant to the younger generation but is relevant in terms of his success in business.

"Jay-Z's not relevant these days for music," he explained to Vlad at the 35-second mark in the video below. "I don’t [think so]. If you’re gonna say Jay-Z is relevant and Nas ain’t relevant? No."

"When I go to these clubs in Atlanta—these 25-to-35 clubs—I'm not hearing Nas, I'm not hearing Jay-Z," he continued. "Every club I go in, it’s not one or the other...Jay-Z is respected by these people for being that boss that he is. When Jay-Z flash across that muthafucka, it's somethin' with a billion dollars, it's somethin' with 500 billion, 200 billion when them young niggas see him."

"It ain’t his songs flashing across no fuckin' social media, it's his hustle," he added. "That nigga got hustle."

Boosie's comment follows their previous discussion about 21 Savage's controversial remark during a Clubhouse session where he said that Nas wasn't relevant to the younger generation. The Atlanta rhymer's comment spark a huge debate on social media regarding an artist's relevancy in hip-hop.

Boosie believed that 21 was referring to Nas' lack of presence on social media as opposed to his music.

"He just won a Grammy at that age [48 years old], last year," he explained. "His records are still doing great."

"He's definitely relevant to his fanbase," he continued. "He’s still making music, he’s still doing that, then he’s still relevant. I think [21] was looking at it on a young nigga’s perspective."

It must be noted that Vlad's interview was most likely conducted before Nas and 21 Savage dropped their collaborative track, "One Mic, One Gun," which features the two rhymers delivering complentmenary bars to each other. The song squashed any rumors that Nas had any animosity towards 21 for his pointless comment.

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