This sounds like something straight out of a movie, Bobby Shmurda’s friend OP recently did an interview with Revolt TV recounting on what exactly happened on the infamous night when Bobby and the whole GS9 crew were arrested on multiple charges.

OP began, “They was talking to Sha Money about flying to Cali to do the video. Bobby was in there. He was mad energetic. We’re looking out the window. We just see cops rushing up.” He continues, “So, now I’m just getting paranoid. This shit about to get crazy. Cause all I’m thinking, the way they hopped out the truck, I’m not paranoid ’cause it’s cops, just the way it’s happening. They hopped out a 16-wheeler truck.”

OP also talked about a visit he had with Bobby in Rikers.

“They basically asked me, ‘Yo, what cell do you wanna go in?’ I just thought about it like, ‘Yo, I wanna go in Bobby’s cell.’ Went in Bobby’s cell. Bobby was tight, like, ‘Yo, son, this sh*t’s f**king crazy. They’re trying to lock me up for Crip. I don’t give a f**k about Crip, son.’ He was just going crazy. Not to even say it like that. It was bigger than them. He’s got more to live for than certain people. N***as don’t care. It was just mad sh*t. We was just talking. I was telling him, most likely the police is gonna use you as an example. Give you a bail like Jeezy. Jeezy had a million dollar bail just because he was Young Jeezy. So I told Bobby like, ‘Yo, they’re gonna try to make an example of you.’ He was going crazy like, ‘You ain’t lying, bro.

This whole commentary on how Bobby Smurda got arrested sounds crazy. What is even more crazy is how Bobby Shmurda has been sitting in jail for a year now and hasn't had a trial. If the things he was doing were that bad you would think they would expedite the process show their evidence and sentence him. To have some one of such a high profile in jail for over a year waiting on a trial seems like they are trying to make an example of out him. This is a sad situation all the way around.