Last year was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions for overnight rap sensation Bobby Shmurda, beginning with a rise to fame off of his smash hit, "Hot N----," and ending with his arrest by the NYPD for weapons and drugs possession. Currently incarcerated, the rapper got on the phone with the folks at Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez & Rosenberg to speak on the lack of support he's receiving from Sony Records, as well as send out a message to a certain New York rap legend.

After Bobby's last call to the show was disconnected --  likely due to him discussing details involving his legal case -- Ebro makes sure to tread lightly, focusing on the rapper's management situation and shady associates, which haven't been as loyal to GS9 now that they're behind bars. Rowdy Rebel, who was in solitary confinement during Bobby's last call to the station, was also present for the conversation.

But out of all the topics discussed during the phone call, the one tidbit that stands out is Bobby's public message to 50 Cent. He wants the G-Unit general to step in and be his manager. While discussing the support he's received from artists such as Meek Mill and members of Slow Bucks, he made his wishes known. "I been trying to get in contact with 50 and 'em for the longest, man, for some management or something, man," the Brooklyn native shares. The young rhymer has been searching for a new manager after falling out with his previous handler over alleged financial misappropriation.

50 Cent has yet to respond publicly to Bobby's request, but if he were to take the young rapper under his wing and possibly get him out of prison, the fanfare would be of astronomical levels and one of the biggest events in rap in recent memory.

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