A 17-year-old babysitter has been charged with conspiracy of robbery. She was allegedly babysitting 4-year-old Abby who is now considered a detective because she told police that her babysitter and accomplices had taken all her stuff.

The 17-year-old had two friends help her steal stuff from the resident's house that she was babysitting, all while having the little 4-year-old Abby witness it all. The accomplices ordered Abby to leave the room while they allegedly robbed her.

The babysitter tried to blame the robbery on the black neighbor across the street but little detective Abby told police that it was indeed her babysitter and two accomplices that robbed the house…you just can’t find good help these days.

Geeesh, poor neighbor, he has to be pissed. He was wrongly accused of doing something that he had nothing to do with just because his neighbors made a poor sitter decision.