The holiday season is supposed to be filled with love and joy but on Christmas Eve 2013 something went very wrong for a Capital Region man and his family. The actions and events of that evening left one woman dead, one man in jail and 3 kids without their parents.

This is the story of Clifford Burns, formerly of 1330 Union Street in Niskayuna, currently of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York.

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According to the Daily Gazette, on December 24, 2013, Clifford Burns dressed in full camouflage, allegedly grabbed a hunting knife and drove to his wife's Lake Luzerne home. When he arrived, his wife Patricia Burns was making a Christmas dinner with their children. What was said between the two isn't known but whatever it was became heated. rue Crime Daily True Crime Daily

According to one of the Burns children, as the argument escalated Mr. Burns took out the hunting knife and stabbed his wife. One of their daughters tried to get between the parents and ended up being cut by the knife as well. It didn't end there as witness accounts reveal that Patricia Burns was pleading for her life before Clifford left the home.

Less than an hour later Clifford Burns turned himself into Warren Country Police and was interrogated by investigators for more than 5 hours. During that time Burns showed moments of rage as he described his hatred for his wife and just about everyone and everything that was mentioned. JCS - Criminal Psychology
JCS - Criminal Psychology

It was also during the interrogation that Clifford learned that his wife Patricia had died. He appears to show some sadness initially before turning back to his angry tirade. JCS - Criminal Psychology
JCS - Criminal Psychology

In April of 2014 Clifford Burns pled guilty to murdering his wife. At his sentencing in August Burns tried to claim extreme emotional duress in hopes for a lesser charge and sentence. That didn't work

Warren County Court Judge John J. Hall sent Burns to prison for 23 years to life. He is eligible for parole in 2036. There is also a 31 year protection order ensuring that Clifford Burns won't be able to see his children until around 2045.

Earlier this month JCS Criminal Psychology posted a video featuring an edited 30 minute version of the interrogation of Clifford Burns by Warren County Police Investigators, moments after Burns turned himself in.

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