Always the entrepreneur, Birdman has decided to tackle a new challenge outside of the rap game. His latest endeavor is a new smart phone app called “Shorty Cuts.” The app, believe it or not, doesn’t have anything to do with music.

The app will allow users who purchase it (currently $1.99 on iTunes) to create shortcuts for typing. VIA the app’s official site,

“Shorty Customs keyboards allows you to create each key yourself. It’s fast, fun and a snap. You can send words or a complete phrase with the touch of your custom key. Use the keyboard to create and communicate in a secret language with your friends and family or within your business. Build as many pages as you want, scroll and type.”

The custom keyboard can also be utilized for posting to Facebook, Twitter and chatting. The app is actually pretty genius, if ya ask me. It’ll definitely save you some time, and will make it possible for you to communicate without typing out everything or relying on the frequently incorrect auto-correct.

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