Birdman and Rick Ross had some tracks sitting in the vault and decided to brush off the dust and let the people hear it.

Five years ago the two rap label heads got in the studio and recorded 'The H: The Lost Album, Vol. 1.'

On the 11-track collaborative project, the two rappers show off their flashy lifestyle, rapping of money, jewelry, women and the best of the best whips.

On the soulfully-sampled 'Betty Stout,' Birdman raps about hustling forward no matter the circumstances. "We did a little time and got back up on the grind," he delivers.

'Why' possesses a similar vintage-feel as Ross and Birdman spit about desiring success but always being on the brink of trouble. "Me and Bird had a vision, tryna stay out of prison / Gun charge I don't want, got a make a decision," raps Rozay.

The heavy-hitting 'Don't Hustle Again' is a dedication to all the money they have and all the bread that they have yet to stack. On the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced 'Addicted,' Birdman and Ross are moving bricks to reel in more income.

'The H: The Lost Album, Vol. 1' is definitely for go-hard Birdman and Rick Ross fans who want to add some new tracks to their collections.


Listen to Birdman & Rick Ross' 'The Lost Album Vol. 1 2008'