Yes, you read my headline correctly! Survey says! According to Movoto Real Estate bloggers, Albany is the No. 7 "Best Dressed Small City in America!" Whoop Whoop!! Pat yourselves on your backs you lil fashionistas and dapper dudes!!

(Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images For Shop West End VIP Weekend)

I won't tell you what I am rockin' right now on my feet because it may hurt our rankings (eh hem Crocs, ladies Crocs, they are horrible, I know, but I work three jobs and my feet need comfort). I know they aren't sexy, trust me!! SHHH!

Anyhow, we ranked No. 7 in the Top Ten Best Dressed Small Cities in America! Represent! Be proud now when you say "Smalbany!" We are in the top 10 with mostly small cities on the WEST SIDDDEE!! Heyyy YAYY! (Insert Ice Cube sample here).

If you are walking around Albany with your head held up high, than good for you, feel proud! You should be!! Work it, rock it, own it! Because we are No. 7 baby! Check out the the Top 10 winners below, pretty interesting stuff my friends! Now let us get moving and a coordinating and a shopping and rocking, so we can hit No. 1 next year!! And I'll ditch the Crocs for some sassy, sexy, heels kids!
America’s Best Dressed Small Cities By Movoto Real Estate