Rapper Big Boi recently unveiled his new single 'Mama Told Me' from his upcoming album 'Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors.' Produced by the Flush Music, the sunshine-y funk-synth track hints at the OutKast rapper's '80s musical inspiration of Prince.

On the song, Big Boi illustrates why he is such a smooth lyricist with catchy wordplay over a catchy '80s beat and Vocoder doo-wops. "Living legend / Rap scholar, art major / Because I make major art / Like Beethoven, Van Gogh, Mozart so don't start," he raps.

K. Row also sounds sweet on the tune, sharing words of wisdom from the one who knows her best. "Try not to break too many hearts / That's what mama told me / I always knew I would be a star / That's what mama told me," she sings on the hook.

Big Boi is prepping for the release of his second LP 'Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors,' which is due to hit stores on Nov. 13. The collection features guest appearances from Kid Cudi, Sleepy Brown, T.I., A$AP Rocky and Boi's all-time favorite singer, Kate Bush.

"We just really had fun with it and making sure that the production is top notch and the lyrical content is there," he says of the album. "I'm touching on everything I want to touch on. My albums are like time capsules, from the time you heard my last album to this record, it's almost like a diary.”

Listen to Big Boi, 'Mama Told Me' Featuring Kelly Rowland