This is beginning to sound like a broken record. For the umpteenth time, Big Boi has denied that he has beef with Andre 3000 and doesn't know when an OutKast album will happen.

Rumors started to percolate when Big Boi released the track listing to his upcoming album 'Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors' and Three Stacks was mysteriously absent from the project. So in a Village Voice interview, when Boi was asked why Andre 3000 wasn't on the album he gave a flippant answer.

"He could've been on any song he wanted to. I gave the motherf---er about five songs, but I guess he was just too busy," he told the newspaper. "He said he had to do some Gillette s---. No for real. He said he had some contractual obligations." For those who don't know, Andre is a brand ambassador for Gillette.

Fans misread his statement to mean that there's beef between the two OutKast members, which is not the case, according to Boi. He tweeted, "The Gillete Statement was me being Sarcastic, man y'all slow as hell, No Beef between me and Stacks. No More Outkast ?'s will be answered."

Boi reiterated his tweet later on MTV's Rap Fix Live (via Billboard), telling the show, "Until you see me and Dre sit side by side...when you see both of us together then you'll know it's coming."

Meanwhile, Andre 3000 went on Fuse and told them he doesn't have a clue when OutKast will head back into the studio to record another album. “We don’t know what the future will be. There could be, I just can’t say right now,” he said. "If we decide to do something, you’ll know about it."

"The Internet is such a misinformation age right now," he continued. "There’s so much bad stuff that you don’t even know what to believe, so don’t believe anything about OutKast on the Internet until we say it."

We understand why the fans are so eager for an OutKast reunion album to happen -- but at this point, we need to just have a "wait and see" attitude about it and not force it to happen.

Speaking of lies and rumors... don't forget to pick up Big Boi's new album 'Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors' when it arrives in stores on Dec. 11.

Watch Andre 3000's Interview with Fuse

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