Congrats, Beyonce!

The singer, dancer, actress, World’s Most Beautiful Woman and proud mama to Blue Ivy will add another title to her resume: award-winning journalist. Bey is set to take home a writing award from the New York Association of Black Journalists on May 15.

The New York Daily News reports that Beyonce will take home an honor for her July 2011 Essence cover story. The article, entitled ‘Eat, Play, Love,’ detailed her nine-month break from the entertainment industry in 2010. Beyonce described her adventures traveling with Jay-Z, her newfound love for artichokes, going incognito as a Harajuku girl in Tokyo nightclubs and more.

One thing Beyonce didn’t discuss in the piece? The trauma of the miscarriage she suffered before being blessed with Blue. We’re not sure why anyone expect her to address that in this particular article anyway — it was written before news broke that she was pregnant, and she’s always been very private. Kind of a weird aside for The News to point out!

The Essence editors were impressed with Queen Bey’s penned mini-memoir for what was included. “She’s a real writer,” Essence entertainment director Cori Murray said. “We had to edit her, but everyone gets edited except Toni Morrison.”

The article isn’t the only impressive piece of journalism Beyonce’s done. The ‘Countdown’ singer also penned a heartfelt letter to Michelle Obama and released her own photographs on her Tumblr. Will she add a Pulitzer to her list of awards next?