Beyonce has shared another photo of herself during the rehearsals for next week's Super Bowl. However, some people are speculating about whether or not the singer is referencing the lip-sync drama regarding the second inauguration of President Barack Obama with her rehearsal attire.

In the black and white pic, Bey is sporting a sweatshirt, leggings, a baseball cap and sunglasses as she rehearses. Her shirt reads: "Can I Live?" Is that a reference to being able to sing live at a major event like a presidential swearing in? You never know. It could be subtle and coy, or perhaps just a coincidence. Or it could be the singer poking a little fun at herself, since this discussion about her performance has been active and heated for several days. Additionally, 'Can I Liv?' is a song by her hubby, Jay-Z.

The debate and speculation about whether or not she sang rages on, without any sort of direct comment or confirmation from Bey herself.

That said, we can see that she is working her tail off as she practices for her big Super Bowl performance in a few days. We're looking forward to being fully entertained by the Queen Bey.

We can't wait for Beyonce Bowl!

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