It's countdown to touchdown y'all, and Beyonce is working it.

The Queen Bey shared a 42-second clip of her rehearsals for the big game. It's nearly a minute of bootyliciousness set to her '4' track 'Countdown.'

At first, Bey is entrenched in her MacBook, likely going over her carefully laid plans so she can flawlessly execute them.

The real action comes next, as she gets down and dirty with the dancers. There are a lot of them, going wild. It's going to be one helluva halftime show with Bey at the helm.

The ending is amazing, as Bey walks in the arena, surveying the landscape she will soon take over, her heels clicking and clacking on the floor. A diva's gotta do what a diva's gotta do, and this diva is getting it done.

Who's tuning in on Sunday, Feb. 3 to see Bey at halftime?