Beyonce keeps her lawyers in formation--and is suing a knockoff clothing company for copyright infringement.

According to Reuters, Queen Bey filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (April 5) in Manhattan federal court against Feyonce Shop, an online store that sells shirts, sweaters, hoodies, coffee mugs and other knickknacks with the word “Feyonce” on them.

In the complaint, Beyonce accused Feyonce Inc and other individuals of "brazenly" selling infringing "Feyonce" merchandise on their website. The Grammy-winning singer says their name is too close to her own trademarked name.

Beyonce believes their Feyonce knockoffs confuse consumers and is hurting her brand. Also, the owners of Feyonce Shop have ignored repeated requests to stop selling their wares.

Beyonce may have a case. Among the items available for sale:  coffee mugs that say, "He put a ring on it," which is a reference to the "Single Ladies" lyric.

But we'll let the judge sort through all of this legal stuff.

The owners of Feyonce Inc had no comment on the matter because they haven't reviewed the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Beyonce's law firm, Pryor Cashman, declined to speak on the suit.

What do you think? Does Beyonce have a case or is she overreacting? Tell us in the comments below.

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