What is the best birthday present in the world? Oh, just having Beyonce serenade you and leading her backup singers and the crowd in a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday.'

That's just what the Queen Bey did at a recent show.

This fan-filmed footage is so up close and personal that the person with the camera was not only inches away from Bey's face but also her crotch, the latter of which was likely unintentional.

Bey, wearing a black and white print ensemble with thigh-high leather boots, stopped the show, stepped down from her stage (aka her throne) and asked the fan what her name was (it was Shehnaz) and said she believed it was her bday since she had a sign.

Then Bey, with her dazzling smile, sat down and sang to Shehnaz and held her hand, and even kissed it before resuming the show.

Bey is so sweet.

It was quite the B-Day.

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