Beyoncé is reportedly interested in becoming a NBA team owner, according to Bloomberg.

The superstar singer, who was raised in Houston, is interested in becoming part of an ownership group to bid on the Houston Rockets after it was announced that team owner, Leslie Alexander, wants to sell the franchise. Forbes estimates the Rockets could sell for $2 billion.

Although Beyoncé is among the wealthiest celebrities in the world, and just this year earned the top spot on Billboard's Highest Paid Musician's list, she doesn't quite have the capital to purchase the team alone.  Celebrity Net Worth projects her overall assets at $450 million, while TheRichest estimates her net worth at $350 million. Combined with her her husband JAY-Z's income, their collective net worth is estimated at $1 billion.

JAY-Z's ownership of Roc Nation Sports is reportedly another factor to consider, since he had to sell his stake in the Brooklyn Nets after becoming a certified agent to represent players, though there's nothing to suggest that Beyoncé would run into any issues because of that.

We'll see if Beyoncé comes away with any ownership in her hometown team in the coming weeks.


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