Cue up, boys and girls, Beyonce has shared her tips and trick on how to rule not at just life, but at billiards. It’s a noble pursuit, so the singer shared her pool-playing etiquette in this black and white ‘How to Play Pool’ video, the origins and date of which are unknown.

So how do you dominate pool?

First, BEY Confident. Watch the Queen B chant, “I will not lose.” Bey has a track record of winning like Charlie Sheen, and it’s likely enhanced by her confidence.

Secondly, and equally as important, psych out your opponent by talking smack. Mmm hmm.

Third, always be a gracious winner. That’s when the camera cuts to Bey saying, “I whooped him. It does not matter boo, I whooped you.” Gracious? No, not at all. But super cute? Oh hell yes.

Lastly, finish with a victory dance … But never gloat too much. Bey busts a move like she rehearsed it and gloats a little, before closing out the video by getting up close and personal with the camera, chomping gum and saying, “What?”

While we normally think of Beyonce as the most glam diva out there, it’s refreshing to see her shake loose, dress down and have a good time.

Know what else Bey will soon be sharing? Her talent, as she is set to return to the stage this weekend for the Memorial Day celebration at Revel in Atlantic City.

Watch Beyonce Pool Lesson