Beyonce offered a double dose of her track 'Bow Down,' which was met with controversy upon release since the Queen Bey sang "bow down bitches." As someone who promotes female empowerment in all facets of life, some saw her lyrics as a contradiction to her pro-woman image and stance. Regardless, Bey remains undaunted and undeterred, as she performed the track for the first time in her hometown of Houston last night (July 15) and shared a four-second snippet of the video, where she boasts a grill.

While you have to deal with subpar audio and the crowd singing along to the live video, Bey was quite the looker, dressed in black, as she returned to H-town.

Before she debuted the song live, she played audio clips of the pervasive tabloid rumors about her. Topics included the outrageous suggestions that she didn't really give birth to Blue Ivy, her weave-wearing ways and her use of red toilet paper.

The graphic on the screen features girls with the words "BOW DOWN" prominently displayed. Leave it to Bey to twist the notion and show her real intention with the song in the live realm.

The crowd sang the "bow down bitches" hook while Bey rocked it with her dancers. Check out that choreography.

Even with muffled audio, this live footage remains beyond entertaining to watch. Bey sings as well as she busts moves.

The songstress also shared a four-second preview from what looks like the video for the song. In it, she rocks a serious grill that might make Weezy jealous.

Watch Beyonce's 'Bow Down' Video Snippet