Beyonce has taken another leap forward in the digital age. The pop star, who is not nearly as active on Twitter as some of her counterparts (We'll cut her some slack), has launched an Instagram account. So that means we get to see lots and lots more photos of Bey, looking beautiful.

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She tends to share tons of intimate photos on her Tumblr blog, so this is just another way for fans to plug into the Queen Bey's world.

In her first posted photo, Bey went hard promoting Barack Obama during his bid for presidential re-election, wearing a body-hugging white t-shirt that read "Texans for Obama." Bey is a native of Houston and while her homestate often swings towards the right, she is proud of the fact that she swings left and wanted to let the world know.

Bey's also rocking blunt bangs and nerdy, geek chic black glasses, which she paired with bright, matte mauve lips. Our favorite thing about the photo? That "hard" look she is giving off, pursing her mouth. Even when she is being "tough," Bey is still absolutely beautiful and cute at once.

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