Beyonce's recent cancellation of a concert in Belgium has sent the baby rumor mill in an out-of-control tailspin.

Various gossip websites started speculating last week that Queen Bey is about two months into her pregnancy. And the Givenchy gown she wore with a "high belt" at the Met Gala in New York recently made it look like she was camouflaging a baby bump.

Now with this recent development, the media is anticipating some type of news related to a baby.

According to Reuters, Beyonce was forced to postpone her Belgium show because of dehydration and exhaustion.

"Beyonce has been advised by her doctors to rest as a result of dehydration and exhaustion and will not be able to perform in Antwerp, Belgium tonight," reads a statement posted on the venue's website.

On top of that, photojournalists are fighting back against Beyonce's boycott of press photographers at her concerts. This due to Buzzfeed's posting of unflattering photos of the 'Countdown' singer at the 2013 Super Bowl.

Poynter reports that the National Press Photographers Association has issued a letter to Beyonce's publicity firm Schure Media Group urging them to reconsider their ban of photographers. The letter partly reads:

Ending the ban is more likely to result in publication of fair, objective and mutually beneficial photographs that serve your interests and ours… We believe such action would be seen as a good-faith effort on behalf of your client to support a free and independent press."

We understand that Beyonce wants to maintain her privacy, but she's currently in a PR quandary with how she handles the media.

At this point, the only way to resolve these headaches is for Beyonce to allow photographers to do their job and let them take photos at her concerts.

Additionally, this purported veil of secrecy surrounding Beyonce's pregnancy needs to be lifted. We don't think it would be terrible if everyone knew the R&B diva was pregnant. America loves babies. Especially a Beyonce baby.

Plus, Blue Ivy needs a partner for her napkin dance.

In any case, we hope Beyonce feels better and will be able to finish out the rest of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

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