When it comes to being the boss, look no further than Beyonce. But don’t you dare call her "bossy." The R&B queen is just one of the celebrities who have joined the "Ban Bossy" campaign.

Spearheaded by the Girl Scouts of the USA and LeanIn.org, the PSA features Bey, 'Glee' actress Jane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice and others urging people to sign a pledge to ban the five-letter word at banbossy.com.

Beyonce warns in the ad that "Girls are less interested in leadership than boys" because they are worried about being called names for being so ambitious.

The goal of the initiative is to encourage young women to become leaders and not be discourage by such negative words as "pushy," "stubborn" or "bossy."

"There are no limits on your horizon," says former Secretary of State Rice in the clip.

In the end, Beyonce says it all when it comes to being a leader.

"I'm not bossy -- I’m the boss," she says.

No arguments here.