Despite the critical praise and fan approval of Beyonce’s self-titled "visual" album, not everyone is happy with the new material. There are several haters critics who are slamming Queen Bey for distributing what they deem as X-rated lyrics and pornographic videos to young audiences.

According to, some listeners have jumped on social networking websites calling the singer's new music "vile" and "disgusting" for some of the provocative songs, in particular, 'Blow' and 'Drunk in Love' featuring Jay Z.

Incredulously, some people have already petitioned YouTube to have Beyonce’s 17 video snippets banned from the channel for explicit content.

In addition, the R&B mom is also being accused of exploiting her daughter, Blue Ivy, on 'Blue' and its accompanying video.

Vivienne Pattison of the pressure group Mediawatch-U.K., explains why some people are so outraged by Beyonce’s new self-titled album.

"This is such a shame to see because Beyonce didn't get to where she is by jumping on the same bandwagon as Rihanna and people like that who we expect to be explicit and controversial," she says. "She was the one we always thought we could count on to set a good example and keep producing music with powerful messages that empowered women and girls. And I would have thought that a star of her magnitude wouldn't need to do something like this."

"She has sold out and it's really sad. Like it or not Beyonce is a role model and she needs to take responsibility for that," she continues. "It's not like parents can protect their children by not buying the album. It's there, on the internet, for anyone to access and as a parent that is incredibly worrying."

While some of the lyrics on Beyonce’s songs are raunchy, we have to point to one of her tracks called 'Grown Woman.' On it, she sings, "I’m a grown woman / I can do whatever I want / I can be bad if I want / I can do wrong if I want / I can live fast if I want."

We think this pretty much sums up Beyonce's stance on her music and life -- she's a grown woman, take it or leave it. But we digress.

As we previously reported, Beyonce has sold over 820,000 downloads of her self-titled album to become the fastest-selling album ever in iTunes history. The physical copy of the album will arrive in stores Dec. 20.

So what do you think? Do you believe that Beyonce’s self-titled album is too explicit for her young fans. Or is this fake conservative outrage?

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