Benzino and Eminem's beef is nearly two decades old, but ’Zino still wants all the smoke with the Detroit rapper, and apparently his fans as well.

Benzino rehashed his beef with Shady last week, and has continued to snap on anyone who comes at him about the matter on Twitter. On Saturday afternoon (Feb. 26), a Twitter user challenged the Boston native to speak directly to Em. "Say it to @Eminem face I bet you won't your a poor excuse for a father and human being," the person tweeted.

Benzino clapped back, "I’ll say it to his face but he’s scared coward pussy like his fan base."

In since-deleted posts, he continued to snap on Eminem and his fan base. "I been left this shit alone but since the coward ass stans wanna talk shit and hide then it's still fuck Eminem and if you got a problem with me do something about it," he tweeted. "Nothing you ever said has effected me in any way. I know how to fight and I got big sticks so pull up."

"To all you pussy ass stans, we all know you are the most corniest non-violent coward fan base hip hop has ever seen," ’Zino added. "I have a restaurant in Atlanta. 5071 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Chamblee Ga. Stop tweeting and pull up on me you pussies."

Last week, Benzino rekindled his old beef with Marshall when he commented, "Nobody in my hood" listened to Eminem on social media. Once backlash started to roll in from Shady fans, Benzino posted an infamous pre-fame track of Em dissing Black women. “So here we go again. Just because I said nobody in my hood listened to the man who [made] an entire mixtape dissing black people, especially black women I get disrespected,” he tweeted with a yawning emoji.

"And let’s make this clear, idgaf about none of you idiots, all y’all gonna do is tweet me to death," he added. "I’m still Benzino, out here in every city including Detroit, if y’all gotta real problem with me, tell me in person, I’m not hard to find."

Benzino and Eminem's beef goes back to 2003, when ’Zino was the co-owner of The Source magazine, after Eminem voiced his anger over his The Eminem Show album receiving only four mics on the magazine's album rating system. This angered Benzino, who released multiple diss songs and refused to promote Em's music in the publication. In 2004, The Source published an issue with Em on the cover with the headline: "Cleaning Out White America's Closet." Benzino also dug up the old track where the 8 Mile MC used racial slurs in an attempt to damage Em's rep. Eminem later apologized and admitted he made the song following a bad breakup with a Black woman.

Em sent his own shots at Benzino by way of tracks "The Sauce" and "Nail in the Coffin" years ago. The beef eventually died down, but, at least on Benzino's end, appears to be bubbling right under the surface at all times. Last January, Benzino traded shots with Eminem frequent collaborator Royce 5'9".

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