It’s always nice to take an inside look at how artists create records. A new vlog takes you behind the scenes of the recording process and video shoot for the Busta Rhymes single, Twerk It, with Nicki Minaj.

The video starts with Nicki in the studio recording her verse on the remix. You don’t think artists are on their grind 24-7? Guess again. Nicki explains to the lab tech that she’s filming the video for the track the DAY AFTER recording it. DJ Khaled makes an appearance, seemingly giving the remix his WE THE BEST seal of approval.

It’s cool to see how much fun they all had behind the scenes. Nicki, known for diva-like tendencies, seemed genuinely sweet to those at the shoot. Khaled was there as well, joking around with Busta. Oh, I forgot to mention. Gotta give props to whoever was in charge of their wardrobes. Nicki’s high-wasted jeans perfectly showcased her cakey goodness. We’re treated to some interaction between Nicki and Pharrell Williams at the end of the shoot as well. Can’t wait to see the finished product!