Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres dances her way through the new Beats Music commercial, which will be played during the 2014 Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 2). The clip features Aloe Blacc's cheery 'Can You Do This.'

Beats Music, the latest music app to hit the market, enlisted DeGeneres for a commercial clip highlighting all the possible musical combinations.

In "The Woods," (which is actually a condo) DeGeners, who plays a modern day Goldilocks, finds herself in an solitary "Den" (an apartment). Instead of bogarting porridge like in the original 'The Story of the Three Bears,' she goes through all the headphones in the house to find the perfect song to dance to.

Just when the family of bears arrive home, she finds that perfect song (thanks to Beats Music) -- cue 'Can You Do This.' Blacc can also be heard on the Avicci hit 'Wake Me Up,' which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 100. He's also readying his upcoming album, 'Lift Your Spirit,' for a March 25 release.