The weather has been brick in the Capital Region this week. When temperatures are as low as they are, it can create less than desirable driving conditions. Subzero temperatures can be the catalyst for dangerous road hazards like black ice. If you think you’re invincible behind the wheel, you’re not. Allow this video of an infant child thrown from a vehicle in a two car accident be a reminder.

The video appears to be taken from a trucks dash camera. The driver appears to either be completely out of control or attempting to pass the truck in the opposite lane. At about 2 seconds in the video you can see the in-coming vehicle swerving to make way for the passing motorist. Once the driver passes the truck with camera on-board, the car goes into an all out death spin before clipping the back tire of a truck. Upon impact, you can see the baby ejected from the back end of the vehicle.

By the grace of god, the second truck slows down in time to avoid the infant’s helpless body. The driver of the car immediately grabs the baby and brings him/her to safety.

Take note! Just because snow, sleet, rain etc. isn’t falling doesn’t mean the seemingly clear roadway is free of hazards. This could happen to anyone, even you! Thank goodness the baby is ok.