Get ready for your speakers to get blown out with B.o.B's new song, 'We Still in This B----' featuring T.I. and Juicy J. The bass-heavy banger will appear on Bobby Ray's upcoming mixtape 'F--- 'Em We Ball,' which will be available on Nov. 15.

On the track, the rap trifecta of Bobby, Tip and Juicy reminds listeners that they are here to stay in the rap game. Although B.o.B. is known for his lighthearted raps, on here, he turns it up and spits gritty braggadocio rhymes. "One time for a n---- like me / With a squad like this / With a team so strong / With a flow so cold / Ain't nothing but some bad b----es in my clique," he raps.

Meanwhile, T.I. reminds wack rappers that while he may be a veteran in the game, he can still out-rhyme and outshine anyone on the microphone. "I'm a boss and you a worker / Listen here boy don't make me hurt you," he warns, adding, "Boy it's been eleven years of this s--- / Look at me now I'm still in this b----."

And much like on his song 'Bandz a Make Her Dance,' Juicy J flips boastful rhymes of tossing money in the strip club. "Juicy J stay in the club / Me and all my n----s / All these bad b----es / All this free liquor / Surrounded by so many women one of these h--s might be your wife / She lookin' for a n---- that's ballin' / So tonight might be her night," he raps.

Produced by beatmaker Mike Will Made It, 'We Still In This B----' is destined to rattle car speakers from coast to coast. It's a carefree song that should keep fans in the zone and waiting for B.o.B.'s new mixtape to hit the Internet.

Listen to  B.o.B., 'We Still in This B----' Feat. T.I. and Juicy J