B. Martin is a rapper who got his start in the Albany area, hailing from Colonie and graduating from the University at Albany. Like many graduates of the SUNY school (like me!), he has a great deal of pride in his alma mater. That pride led to him putting out a song in conjunction with the State University of New York system, 'SUNY Anthem.'

Martin has won a number of high profile hip hop competitions including Hot 97's Who's Next contest and a competition to appear on T-Pain's PREvolver mixtape and performed at Hot 97 Summer Jam in 2012.

It's all of those accomplishments that make SUNY Anthem a little confusing, to be honest.

On the one hand, it is awesome to hear a rapper put his lyrics to good use rather than spitting about the generic three C's (cars, clothes and chicks). 'SUNY Anthem' has a legitimately positive message, that going to college is beneficial and can lead to a better life.

However Martin, who graduated from UAlbany's school of business with a 4.0 GPA, has been more than capable of earning exposure for himself through his own hard work and legitimate talent, which makes him seem a bit corny by teaming up with SUNY to put together a song pumping up schools that won't ruin his momma's bank account (lots of people avoid that by taking out student loans, but I'll ignore that obvious fact). If I were to point out one issue with the song it would be that one, the fact that B. Martin is far too talented to seemingly sell out in such an egregious fashion.

Also kind of lame is the fact that SUNY kicked in $3,000 to help Martin with the production of the video. Meanwhile, UAlbany in recent years has had to cut or even eliminate some academic programs citing financial difficulties in keeping the programs running.

On his official Facebook page, Martin says that the song will be played at graduations, sporting events and through other mediums at all 64 SUNY institutions.

What do you think of B. Martin's 'SUNY Anthem?' Is it cool or corny? Take our poll and justify your reasoning in the comments section below.