Azealia Banks' current legal battle is revealing ugly details about her past. The pre-trial hearing for Banks' biting incident case revealed that the polarizing rapper attacked her sister with a box cutter in 2009.

“This is a case where she slashed her sister in the neck, the arm and the hand with a box cutter,” Assistant DA Shea Donato said.

Banks pleaded guilty to attempted assault, but received special treatment due to her age, according to the New York Daily News. She was 18 years old at the time. Prosecutors also brought up the altercation between Banks and actor Russell Crowe.

Judge Ann Scherzer will have to decide if Banks' violent history can be used in the trial. Jury selection will begin on Wednesday (March 15).

Banks is facing charges of misdemeanor assault, attempted assault and disorderly conduct. The controversial artist was arrested in Dec. 2015 for allegedly biting the breast of a bouncer outside the New York nightclub Up&Down.

Reports claim that Banks became angry after she was turned away by security when she attempted to enter a private party downstairs. Banks was eventually able to enter the club, but supposedly got upset because no one recognized her as a celebrity. She got into an altercation that led to her spitting in the owner’s face, which led to her being escorted out of the club. Outside the door, she attacked employee Christine Soares and bit Soares' breast.

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