Azealia Banks is caught in another Twitter feud, this time with a remixer named Munchi over the song 'Esta Noche.' The song, which appears on the '212' rapper's mixtape 'Fantasea,' was supposed to be released on Tuesday via iTunes but Munchi thwarted those plans.

According to Complex, Munchi didn't give permission for Banks, or her label, to use the song for commercial release. He then went on Twitter and lashed out at the Harlem rapper, tweeting, “Tell your camp the deal is off I don’t want your f---ing $25.000. F--- off. Go be a puppet b----- to someone else.”

Banks, who is a veteran at Twitter battles, swung back with a couple of jabs at the producer. "K so esta noche won't be being released today because @originalmunchi thinks I'm in the illuminati. . .," she wrote. "I'm still shooting the esta noche video tomorrow (kanye shrug)."

Meanwhile, Munchi continued to insult Banks with a barrage of nasty tweets, writing, "@AzealiaBanks good luck being a d---riding, trackstealing, sorry excuse for a artist. Have fun with the fame - it'll get back at ya." He then added, "Oh damn.. Now you wanna double it, u sure are a pathetic excuse of an artist. NO I DO NOT WANT TO WORK WITH YOU OR YOUR APOLOGY."

Banks didn't engage Munchie but she did fire off one last tweet in response to her kerfuffle over 'Esta Noche.'

And what was Munchie response? (FYI, it's NSFW.)


Can we all just get along?

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