Your senior quote is yours forever. It could be a lyric from your favorite song, a quote from someone famous, or an inside joke for you and your friends. The options are endless. If you're feeling especially bold, you could try to make a prediction. That's what former Averill Park student Jack Paris did in his yearbook in 2018. The difference with Jack, however, is that he got his correct.

His prediction? Mikwaukee Bucks, 2021 NBA Champions.

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ABC News 10 told the story of Paris, a senior in high school at Averill Park in 2018, and what possessed him to make such a bold and permanent claim. Paris was known as a Bucks fan in high school, and wanted to deviate from the traditional senior quotes in some way. The team's superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, had just signed his first contract extension, and would be due for a major payday around 2021. 

That was enough for Paris to make his claim, and as the deadline approached for him to submit his senior quote, he made it official. Three years later, the Bucks made him a VERY smart kid.

It wasn't the easiest of roads for Milwaukee, however, as the team fought their way through a number of tightly-contested series. Giannis received a great deal of help from Khris Middleton, who averaged over 23 points-per-game during the playoffs, and outscored Giannis on multiple occasions. The team also got incredible performances from Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez, who turned back the clock on their own careers, showing flashes of the gamechangers they were in seasons past.

It became a perfect storm for the Mikwaukee Bucks, and championship meteorologist Jack Paris caught this storm well ahead of time.

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