Austin Mahone has been keeping busy following his frightening visit to the hospital for a blood clot: he's been filming an Aquafina FlavorSplash commercial and getting ready for his rescheduled tour.

Oh, and when he's not doing that, he's crushing on the celeb of his dreams -- Rihanna.

Mahone was recently spotted shirtless on the Aquafina set, but he was quick to explain that he was only sans shirt so he could eat lunch.

We repeat, he will not be shirtless in the ad. Sorry Mahomies.

"Why would I be shirtless in the commercial? That's weird," Mahone said when asked about the shirtless pics.

"The thing was I was going outside and they were like, 'Listen, if you're gonna eat, you should probably change because we don't want you to get food on your clothes.' And I didn't feel like changing into anything so I just [mimes removing his shirt] and just got my food."

The commercial in question will air during the Grammy Awards and feature Mahone's new song, 'Mmm Yeah.'

When asked the meaning behind the song title, the teen heartthrob revealed, "I'm saying like, I see this girl, she's walking down the street, and I'm just like, 'Mmm. Yeah.'"

Although he's not saying that about his past crush Kendall Jenner, the singer has since moved away from her (possibly because of her recently rumored ties to Harry Styles) and is now seriously crushing on the elder Rihanna.

Elder, relatively speaking, since Mahone is just 17.

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