Tenants of the rap community weren't the only ones touched by the loss of Prodigy, who died unexpectedly this past Tuesday (June 20) at the age of 42. Yesterday (June 21), Atlanta news anchors took it upon themselves to pay tribute to the legendary Queensbridge lyricist, working references to Mobb Deep into their news segments. Watch the dope clip below.

First up was WSB-TV's Fred Blankenship, who described his fellow reporter Mark Arum as a "Traffic prodigy," making an obvious reference to P's rap name. In the next clip, we hear Blankenship make a Mobb Deep pun while describing the state of one of Georgia's busiest highways.

From there, Arum keeps things going when describing the people caught up in traffic. "'There are a lot of folks ' pushing Lexuses, wearing fat diamond rings.'" If you didn't know, that's a bar from P's verse on "Drink Away the Pain," a cut from Mobb Deep's 1995 classic, The Infamous. Dope.

Prodigy was one of rap's biggest tastemakers over the last two decades, creating a slew of slang while mesmerizing audiences with the vividness of his grimy street tales. With all of his influence, it's no surprise so many have come forth to praise P after his passing. Stopping through XXL's office yesterday (June 21), West Coast rap legend Ice Cube spoke on the late wordsmith's legacy.

“It’s a terrible loss,” he says. “Mobb Deep to me felt like uncut straight from the street and it just seemed like they just lived like everybody else, not on some super in your face stuff, but just some super real stuff. I just think [Prodigy] has a lot to offer.”

Check out the news anchors' tribute to P in the video below.

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