Soulja Boy apparently doesn't own Atari, and now the rapper and the gaming company are at odds.

On Friday (Aug. 20), a rep for Atari confirmed to XXL that Soulja Boy does not own the company. In fact, the bigwig at the corporation is Wade Rosen.

"We know that being CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen," the rep told XXL in a statement.

They shared the same message via Twitter last night (Aug. 19).

In true Big Draco fashion, he caught wind of the company denying his purported self-proclaimed role with Atari and went off via Instagram Live.

"First of all, nigga, fuck Atari, nigga," Soulja exclaimed. "Second of all, nigga, I been making millions from my @souljaboygame console. Atari, y'all pussy ass called me and said y'all wanted me to revamp y'all company. Bitch-ass nigga, y'all know what the fuck I meant when I said, 'I'm owning Atari.' Atari is a public traded company. Can't no one man own the shit. So first of all, nigga, Atari can eat a muthafuckin' dick, nigga. Don't call my phone no mo' asking me to help y'all promote shit. Dead-ass video game company. Wasn't nobody talking about no muthafuckin' Atari before yesterday. So Atari, suck a dick. Everybody at Atari, eat a dick. And I still got the money, nigga, fuck y'all talking ’bout."

Soulja Boy continued: "I'm finna show the muthafuckin' contract that y'all sent me. This pussy-ass contract, talkin' ’bout a million shares, talkin' ’bout all this weak shit. Fuck Atari, nigga. I'm rich off Soulja Boy game."

He went on to display a copy of what appears to be his contract with the electronic gaming company before he proceeded with his rant.

"There go the fuckin' deal right there, nigga. One million Atari...," Soulja added. "Matter fact, fuck this contract. Don't call me no mo'. Don't attach my name to y'all name, bitch-ass nigga. And I still got the money. Y'all sent me two contracts. Y'all said y'all wanted me to bring y'all company back because y'all was proud of what I did with Soulja Boy game. Here go the contract right here, nigga, from Atari, $1 million."

Things can easily change overnight because just yesterday, Soulja claimed that not only does he own Atari, but he also shared his plans to sell his own gaming company to Atari for $140 million.

The rapper launched his SouljaGame Consoles and SouljaGame Handhelds back in 2018.

Check out Soulja Boy going off on Atari below.

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