It looks like A$AP Rocky might have gotten into some trouble overseas.

On Monday (July 1), TMZ posted a video of what appears to be the Harlem rapper and his crew attacking a man on a Stockholm, Sweden street. In the first part of the clip, you see Rocky engaged in a conversation with a couple of men outside of the Max restaurant. Apparently, at least one of the two men accused the At. Long. Last. A$AP artist of breaking their headphones, and the two were allegedly asking him about replacing them.

Witnesses tell TMZ that the two young men began to follow Rocky and threatened to call the police over their broken headphones. Someone assisted in translating the argument between both parties, and Rocky reportedly insisted that the men refrain from following him and his crew. That’s when another woman interrupted the conversation and claimed that one of the two men who approached Rocky about the headphones had grabbed her butt earlier and, according to witnesses, that’s when Rocky and his crew began their attack.

The video clearly shows Rocky throwing one of the men to the ground, while his crew swarmed in and delivered fists and kicks to the person’s body. According to sources, Rocky and his team left the scene leaving one of the men knocked out on the ground. Paramedics and police later showed up and took statements from witnesses on the scene.

As of now, authorities in Stockholm are investigating various altercations that took place on Sunday night, but have no information regarding Rocky and his crew's alleged assault on the man in the video.

You can see the footage of the fight below. XXL has reached out to A$AP Rocky's team for comment.

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