Kids really do say the darndest things. When North Carolina middle school student Graceson wanted to show his appreciation for A$AP Rocky, he decided to write the rapper a very candid letter.

The student sent his note to the Mishka offices in New York City instead of to Rocky's own mailbox. What makes this more entertaining than not is the sheer innocence and honesty that Graceson pens in his letter. He talks about how much he loves the Harlem, N.Y., native's music and also states few facts about him.

"I know your song F!@#$%& Problems went gold. I know your 25 years old. I know you use to move alot. I also know you use to sell drugs. I know your lables are RCA Sony and Polo Grounds I also know you were arrested for beating a man in a clothing store [sic]," Graceson writes.

According to VICE's Noisey, the letter is completely legit.

Hopefully this hip-hop fan gets the CD he's always wanted for Christmas this year.