Watch out Wolverine, A$AP Ferg is the new action hero. In his new video for 'Let It Go,' the trap lordian plays a mutant superhero who’s trying to save a fair maiden from evil doers.

Directed by Dan the Man, the mini-movie takes place in a junkyard where teleporting twins are holding hostage a beautiful young lady. It’s not long before Ferg comes to her rescue.

The Harlem mutant has one special power -- he can shoot missiles out of his arms. And he does so as he battles acrobatic ninjas. He also gets help from three teens whose screams can paralyze human beings.

Although the low-budget visual effects leave a lot to be desired, it’s an entertaining visual. We could possibly see Fergstein star in an 'X-Men' movie someday. It could happen.

Check out A$AP Ferg going ham on evil ninjas in the video above.