Right before A$AP Mob's compilation album, 'L.O.R.D.,' arrives this summer, one of its members drops a definite banger by surprise.

A$AP Ferg's new track 'How to Rob the Mob' is full of memorable one-liners paired with production from Wu-Tang's 1993 song 'Tearz.' Throughout the short effort -- it's a little under two minutes long -- the Trap Lord uses an effective balance of wit, humor and moxie.

"Feel like 50 when the bullets have a party / All I want is revenge these rappers getting on me / We could get it shaking like Muhammad Ali / Might take a shot at myself like Pac in the lobby," spits the Harlem, N.Y., native.

The rhymer also highlights the fact that he isn't about the high life.

"Spit Miami Heat and you little n----s is steamin' / Tell Rocky that I'm cocky I'm going off for no reason / Twelvyy going off for no reason... No I don't smoke don't hand me no trees then / Don't care about molly don't give a f--- about leanin'," he tells listeners.

It's not clear if Ferg had this song in the vault and just spontaneously put it out, or if it'll be part of a future solo project. Will a new album arrive this year? We hope so.

Listen to A$AP Ferg's 'How to Rob the Mob'