When indie pop band Haim wanted to update one of their tracks, they tapped A$AP Ferg for his lyrical talents. The end result is a new version of the band's 'My Song 5.'

While the same melody and dubstep beat is kept on the song, the difference arrives with A$AP Ferg's ad-libs. The lyrics detail someone who hasn't been very truthful or even faithful. And when it's time to ask for forgiveness, Haim says it's too late with the line, "Honey, I'm not honey pie."

Meanwhile, A$AP Ferg seems to be on the other side as he admits to infidelity. But according to him, the relationship wasn't going to work anyway.

"Can you handle the truth / I don't think you can / Jealous now 'cause I'm working with this female band / She wanna consume the world and get all female's band / All this talk about marriage / I don't see those plans / I guess I cheated once / But so did you," he delivers in a smooth and casual tone.

He continues by telling his lady not to play the victim or try to get on her high horse because everything she owns is because of him. "You ain't got no money / How'd you get those new shoes / I put the clothes on your back / That's the thanks I get / This must be some prank or some s---," he ends his verse.

Not necessarily the brightest song from either side, but the beat's constant thumping will grab you as you listen to both sides of this sad story.

Listen to Haim's 'My Song 5' Feat. A$AP Ferg